I’m Making A (Fashion) Statement, Darling

I have never really been one for a slogan t-shirt. I think it’s because my teenage years were spent seeing every boy on a non uniform day wearing some cringey slogan emblazoned across their chest – ‘FBI: Female Body Inspector’ springs to mind. And don’t get me started on the band t-shirts that people wear without ever actually listening to the band at all. Fashionable or not, you should at least know what you’re wearing.


However, there is no denying that slogan t-shirts are having a moment right now, particularly political statement t-shirt. I was a huge fan of the Corbyn tick t-shirt and have to admit that the feminist t-shirts are catching my eye. As a proud feminist myself, it does irk me a little that some people might wear the t-shirt for a ‘fashion’ statement, to look the part and ‘be on trend’ (anyone else remember the Topshop geek/nerd t-shirt phase, where half the people who wore them were the exact opposites of geeks and nerds?), but I like that women are uniting for a common cause. What better way to spread a little girl power than through our clothes, something so often we are ridiculed or judged for. Skirts are too short that we’re slutty, hemlines too long so we’re a prude, necklines are so low that we’re asking for it, necklaces are so high that we might as well be a nun… can we win? No, but these feminist t-shirts tell us not to bother trying to win. We don’t need to be told what we can wear, what we should wear, what our clothes tell people about us – we are telling the world exactly what we are, feminists and proud.


My particular t-shirt is a £12 steal from Missguided – be warned that when it says oversized it means oversized. I am wearing a size 6 and feel drowned in material.

Also, notice my lovely Little Wish Creation necklace is available from here too!

Topshop’s Embroidered Dreams

I’m a huge fan of Gothic, slightly aggressive looking clothing (I call those items my man repellers). I also love cutesy prints, florals and girly colours. One minute I’m Ozzy Osbourne’s secret daughter; the next I’m a Zooey Deschanel clone. These two extreme style loves sometimes make finding items of clothing difficult. They might appease my soft, frilly, romantic side, but where is the grit, the edge, the rawness?! I want beauty, but I also want ugly. I’m an Alexander McQueen girl with a high street budget.

Enter Topshop.

This bag and these shoes give me life! They’re girly and embroidered and cute; but also studded and spiked and aggressive. These items speak to me; they understand me, they are me.

I couldn’t purchase them and not share them with you lovelies. After all, if you want to understand a person, a good place to start is their wardrobe.

Floral Bag, £35

Floral Shoes, £26

The shoes also come in black.

Little Wish Creations is LIVE ONLINE NOW

It’s with shaking hands that I type this… Little Wish Creations is now LIVE AND LAUNCHED ONLINE!! I am so proud of myself for taking the leap and trying out my idea. Feedback I have received so far has been amazing and I can’t wait to keep working hard and watch my business (hopefully) grow.

Little Wish Creations has always been about spreading positivity and happiness. Who doesn’t want to receive a thoughtful gift from someone telling them what they wish for their future? So far with the orders I have taken I feel like I have achieved this.

It’s exciting to try something new. It’s exciting to challenge yourself. It’s exciting to work hard and it is definitely exciting to be spreading some happiness and joy into the world!


If you’d like to purchase Little Wish Creations, follow the link:


This Isn’t Goodbye

For those of you who have followed my blog from the start, you will know why I started it and what was going on in my life at the time. For those of you who are more recent followers, let me explain.

I started my blog when one of my closest friends died of cancer. I’d gone to see him to say goodbye and the next morning I woke up to the news that he had passed away peacefully in the night. On the day of his funeral, I found out my grandad had also died suddenly too.

I started my blog just for a place to clear my head, a place to talk, a place to express myself and the parts of my personality that I didn’t feel I could express so freely during such grief.

Over time, I have got used to what has happened. I go to work. I see family and friends. I make plans. I create, write, think.

I write this on the eve of launching my side project, Little Wish Creations, and I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness. 

All I can think about is my friend. I want to know what he’d think of it. I want to know if he’s proud of me. I want to know if he knew how much I cared.

I keep thinking back to all those things I could have said but didn’t. I was tying to be brave and act like he was going to get through it, everyone was. We didn’t want to give up because he fought until the end. My last words to him were “see you later” because I couldn’t stand to say goodbye. Only now I wish I had so I could have held his hand and told him how much I valued him and never wanted to let go.

I hope he’d be proud of me. I hope he’d crack a joke at my expense but with a kind smile that would tell me all I really needed to know.

I miss you. I hope you’re proud. I hope you’re at peace.

When You Don’t Do Art For A While But Try It Out Anyway

My trip to New York was the best trip EVER and I wanted to do something to commemorate it. I saved tickets and coins when we were there, printed off our favourite photos and purchased myself a glue gun. I didn’t want to just frame the photos because to me this was more than just a usual holiday.

I decided to make a photo collage with a paint background, so I used acrylic paints and then stuck our different artefacts down with the glue gun. The results, as you can tell from the photo, have an amazing amateur like quality:

Despite the fact that the ‘W’ is too badly cut for words, the background is very, very blue, one side is angled and one side is straight and the layout is slightly off centre, I do love it. I love it because it reminds me of my travels, of exploring, of seeing the world. It reminds of the memories I’ve had and pushes me to want to make new ones.

Becoming Boss

Naturally I’m pretty pessimistic about myself. I never think I’m thin enough, pretty enough, clever enough, confident enough, brave enough… I could go on. My confidence isn’t sky high at the best of times, but recently it’s been taking a bit of a shaking.

As some of you may know, I am in the process of setting up a sideproject business ( or search @littlewishcreations on Instagram if you want to be nosey) I am so incredibly excited, but also terrified. I’m scared I will fail, that no one will like me, that people will laugh. All the feedback that I have received has been brilliant, but I am still plagued with worry and self doubt.

But I’ve decided that this needs to stop. I need to believe in myself if this is going to work and I want to believe in myself. I have worked really hard and I know that I will continue to work hard. If I spend my time worrying then I will fail because it is what I have set myself up for, but I don’t want to feel. I am so exited for my future and this project. I am determined to succeed and I am sure if I keep smiling and keep thinking positive then I will get there.

A friend sent me this quote and I feel like this sums up the self belief crossroads that I am at at the moment:

BIG Announcement

Hi everyone!

You might have noticed my distinct absence on WordPress recently, for which I am very sorry for but I PROMISE it has all been for a good reason. I am proud (and also terrified) to announce that I will be starting my own business!

I am still going to teach, but I have created a sideline project called Little Wish Creations. The first product is a stunning, delicate sterling silver star necklace. It comes boxed with a wish card and is sprayed with wish dust (it makes the star look like it’s shimmering in the night sky – trust me, it’s very pretty!)

From Saturday 1st July, you can purchase a necklace here : 

And if you wish to you can support me by following my Instagram and Facebook pages:

There is a competition running to win a Little Wish Creation for FREE – all you need to do is like the page and share and comment on the competition post.

I am so excited to start this new chapter of my life and can’t wait to share more details with you all!


Reasons Why

I’m hoping to start my own sideproject soon, something I am passionate about. I’m in the research, planning and finalising stage. I have a prototype and market research done already. I’m excited, feverish, desperate to make my dreams come true. I am a full time teacher and all the people I have told about my potential venture love it but say one thing – “why do it? Will you have enough time?”

I know that my already stretched free time will only become more stretched, but I feel like there are so many reasons to do this that I can’t not at least try.

1. I am more than just a teacher. I spend so much of my time answering to ‘Miss’ that I sometimes think it’s my real name. When people ask me about myself my first response is ‘I’m a teacher’ and then I stop, even though there are so many more things I could say about myself. I love my job, but my job is not my identity. Sometimes I feel like it defines me, probably because I allow it to. I have always been a creative person and I want this side of my personality to shine more than it gets chance to.

2. Creative freedom. This point builds on from my previous point but it’s an important one. I love to draw, design, write and create. It’s my hobby and it’s my passion. I need to dedicate more time to myself and those interests. Being creatives allows me a freedom I don’t get any other way and I feel compelled to channel this urge for creative freedom into something productive.

3. To try something new. I have so, so many ideas and so many things I want to do in my life… so what am I waiting for? I am 23, young enough to fail and pick myself up if things don’t work out. The main thing is that I try. 

4. To become a doer. I have always been a dreamer. I can sit there for hours lost in my own thoughts. I imagine a million and one different scenarios to most situations and my nightmares/dreams are always vivid. I love that I’m a dreamer, but I want to put those dreams into reality. My life shouldn’t be for dreaming, it should be for living and doing. I’m determined to start doing.

I’m sorry that this blog post is vague and rambling. I wanted to give you an insight into what’s going on with me at the moment. I’m about to start an exciting venture, I’m in the research and planning stage and couldn’t be more excited for the future and what it holds. 

What are your big dreams?

Photo courtesy of Instagram – old screenshot so I can’t remember and credit I’m afraid!

The Picture That Defines My Relationship

My partner and I are two very different people. I don’t like meat, however his diet consists mostly of meat. I am emotional and impulsive, he is steady. I can’t sit still and have to keep going whereas he loves nothing more than to sit and chill. I’m a dreamer, he’s a realist. My music taste is varied and eclectic, he has a collection of musicians and bands that he adores and listens to solely. We are two very, very different people and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He balances me out and grounds me, I push him out of his shell. We work.

There is one material object in our life that sums up our difference more than anything and it is this canvas. 

To me, this canvas is a monstrosity. It is HUGE!!! Now I like Oasis as much as the next person, but the idea of having that grace my living room wall makes me cringe. It’s brash, load and you simply cannot ignore it.

My partner loves it. It’s loud and obnoxious and he has an unhealthy adoration for the Gallaghers. I say adoration but obsession may be more of an appropriate way to describe it!

When we first moved out, I was adamant that that monstrosity was not going on the wall. Not in the living room or the bedroom at least. I thought offering the office wall was reasonable.

“No one will see it in there,” Niall commented. I had to bite my tongue from replying “exactly!”

As time has gone on, we have made our apartment a home. We have purchased decorations, printed photos, bought new bedding. All the while this canvas has been gathering dust in a cupboard.

Until one drunken night my friend, another Oasis obsessive, asked to see it. Since then it has been propped up on the floor in our living room. 

I still don’t like it, but in a way it kind of works. It’s too dominant for the wall, but propped up, just chilling, it kind of works. It’s a quirky twist to our communal area, a talking point for guests that doesn’t take over the room like it would do if it were on the wall.

Now I can’t deny that seeing Liam Gallagher’s smug face doesn’t make me grimace, but when I look at that canvas I see my relationship. Two very different people, two very different viewpoints but it works. Against all odds, it works. 

Storage Hunting 

I’m a freak. A neat freak, in particular. Since we have moved out, my neat freakness has got out of control. The living room, bedroom, both bathrooms and kitchen are spotless. Everything has a place and looks pristine.

The spare room, however, is an entirely different story. It’s my office, Niall’s games room, our library and where we dry our laundry.

In other words, it’s a mess. It’s a room of odd parts and jumbled bits compiled together… and I hate it. It goes against every neat freak bone in my body.

After going back to work today after the holidays I decided to become a woman on a mission. This room it not going to be the junk room anymore! It will no longer be the room that I hide from guests.

So off we set, on a mission to IKEA. I love wandering around IKEA and seeing the homeware inspiration. I love sitting in the model rooms and pretending they are my own. Sad, I know.

I purchased a stack of 3 storage boxes and another storage box (this one was technically for a bathroom, or so the label says, but you’d never know) and I couldn’t help but want to share them with you all! 

How cute are they?!

All from IKEA, the bottom 3 were as a group and cost £12. The top one coat £3.50. Bargains! Hopefully now the spare room becomes a lot less junk room and a lot more showroom.