Wicklow Wandering

After our few nights in Dublin, my partner and I travelled to Wicklow as that’s where his family originates from. As this was my first time in Ireland, I was keen to see as much as I could so this post is all about Wicklow Town. 

First of all, this place is incredibly beautiful. For anyone looking for peace and serenity, this place is a must. 

Wicklow Town isn’t the biggest place, but there are plenty of places to eat and drink and there are lots of independent shops which are lovely to visit. Of course there are plenty of pubs, most also offering food and live entertainment. The beach is stunning with the clearest water I have ever seen in an ocean before. 

We came for the bank holiday weekend which is the time of the Wicklow Regatta. The regatta had a great atmosphere with many local teams competing in boat races. 

The rest of this post is going to be dedicated to photos of Wicklow because really they are the bit that will show you the best what a place this is. Wicklow is a beautiful, peaceful spot, easily accessible from Dublin via bus and one that I would recommend visiting. If you want a taste of traditional Ireland, then get yourself to Wicklow.

Wicklow harbour

The main road in Wicklow

The Black Castle ruins

Views of Wicklow


12 thoughts on “Wicklow Wandering

  1. Beautiful. I like the Irish people I meet here. The blokes are hilarious when they play footy with us. Great people


    1. Oh wow! You’ll have to tell me what you think of the place. We went over the bank holiday weekend so I want to know what it’s like when it’s not a bank holiday. You’ll have a great time I am sure 😊

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