Mini Break Packing Tips

This weekend, I head to Ireland to spend two nights in Dublin and 2 nights in Wicklow. Having never been to Ireland before, I am very excited – however the weather forecast is a packing nightmare! It is forecast to rain each day, however there should be breaks of sunshine with temperatures around 19 degrees. With only having a small carry on bag each that can weigh no bigger than 10kg, packing for this trip has been a logistical nightmare.

I’ve whittled my case down and have created some top packing tips for mini breaks to share with you all:

  • Only pack essential electronics. Electronics take up so much room that you simply do not have. Most hotel rooms have a hair dryer, so don’t bother packing that. I chose to bring my hair straighteners as they are the most versatile – I can use them to curl or straighten my hair.
  • Pick a wardrobe colour scheme and stick to it. When you have limited space, you need to pick your clothes cleverly. You will have to wear your jeans more than one day in a row and you will need shoes that are practical as well as ones that are dressy. Outfits need to be able to mix and match to maximise the most of your space. I’ve picked clothes with a black, white and grey colour scheme with my clothes so I know I can mix and match my outfits, then I chose a jacket that will add a pop of colour and match any of the tops that I choose to wear.
  • Pick 2 interesting items only to dress up your outfits. You don’t have the room to bring all your favourite new, show stopping pieces. Instead, you need to be selective. My show stopping pieces are the Topshop bag (as photographed) and the black Missguided heels (also photographed) to dress up my outfits and add a much needed burst of coolness to my simple wardrobe. Pick cleverly with items that will match an array of outfits.
  • Travel minis are a must. Due to the mini suitcase being a carry on case, there are limits as to what you can carry on with you. The content of bottles must be no bigger than 100ml. Some travel minis, such as shampoo and shower gel, hotels usually have available, however I did buy my own shampoo and conditioner as I like to use specific products. There are some travel minis that you don’t realise you will need until you get there, such as makeup remover and deodorant. Some people wait until they are abroad to purchase these, however I like to go prepared and there are so many deals on minis that I don’t see the benefit in waiting and spending a chunk of your first day stocking up on toiletries rather than exploring. Superdrug have a great range of travel minis and always have a deal on with them, so stock up and travel happy.
  • Think about your planned activities and pack accordingly. For some people, a pair of dressy shoes and a fancy handbag wouldn’t be essentials, however we are going out in Dublin and also for the Irish bank holiday in Wicklow, so for me these two items were important. However, if I were on a walking holiday, those two items would not be in the case. Think about what activities you will be doing, what you would wear/need to do them here and prioritise the important pieces from there.


There you have them – my top packing tips! There’s no doubt about it, mini break packing isn’t easy – because let’s face it no one wants to streamline their wardrobe that much- but I hope these tips really help.

What are your top packing tips for mini breaks?


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