Summer Travel Plans

I’ve been a little absent from my blog recently, but now that it’s the summer holidays (5 weeks off for this very tired teacher!) I can finally devote a little more time to my blog and to reading everyone else’s wonderful posts.

I will be away for a little time this summer as I am travelling to Ireland and to Croatia (I’ve also booked to go to Iceland at Christmas!) so I will be keeping you all posted about my travels. I will also be spending a little time in Liverpool this summer for Lana Del Rey’s concert and for a friend’s birthday – what can I say, my summer is looking good!

The one thing that is not looking good is my wardrobe for all of these events. First of all, I booked fairly late on to Croatia so now most of the shops seem to be winding down their summer stock which isn’t great news for me. I’ve paid a lot out for these trips so I don’t have an ultimate supply of cash to treat myself, however I haven’t had a new bikini since I was 19 and at 23 I think that needs to change. Plus try finding ANYTHING that you can wear in Iceland.

I am very lucky to be able to go on these trips. I have saved and worked hard to be able to pay for them and I cannot wait for my travels to begin. I also want to look a bit nicer than I currently do (hair scraped up, makeup free, pjs still on even though it’s nearing lunchtime… the perks of a summer off!)

My favourite purchase so far is this ASOS beach cover up…


This product is abysmal to take a photo of on a hanger due to it’s plunging neckline, cross over straps and layers of material but trust me when I say it looks really unique and cool when on – just follow the link to ASOS and see for yourself! It is quite literally the most colourful thing I own and probably will ever own, but I love the drama of it! It makes me feel like a goddess, what more could a girl want from her clothes? At £32 I think it’s a bargain as I can wear it as my statement piece holiday and holiday after holiday.

ASOS is always my go to place to shop and has been ever since my student days. It’s fairly new feature of a size guide really helps when buying brands I haven’t shopped from before and makes it so online shopping is still a little more personal and tailored to my wants and needs.


What are your summer plans? Plus if you know any places where I can buy some great last minute summer bits then please let me know.



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