I Tried A Long Jacket And I Liked It

The duster coat has been a trend for a while now, but one that at 5 foot 3 I wasn’t sure I could really get involved with. I’ve tried them on before and trust me when I say that I looked ridiculous – short, chubbier than I am, shapeless… they just weren’t for me.

But then I discovered this New Look cutie for only £9.99:


First of all, I can only apologise for the appalling photo – it’s not easy getting a full length photo selfie and I had to crop the mess out in the background because it was just too shameful… but seriously how cute is the jacket?!

It’s long like a duster coat but has a kimono style to it. The cut is simple so my short frame doesn’t look like it’s drowning in layers of material. It’s floral but not floral overkill. It allows me to dress up an outfit and as an all black kind of girl adds a tiny nod of colour to whatever I wear. It’s soft and lightweight which is perfect for summer months, and did I mention that it was only £9.99?! Bargain!


I think this coat may be the start of me trying out ‘new’ things and trends. I often see things I like in shops and think “that won’t suit me” or “I’d never get away with that”, but maybe it’s about time I at least tried them. I never thought I’d like myself in a longer coat because of my height, but in this jacket I do. I think it’s about looking at the specific item, not the trend and if I like it then I should at least try it and not dismiss it instantly. That’s my new shopping outlook from now on … I apologise in advance bank balance!


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