I’m Making A (Fashion) Statement, Darling

I have never really been one for a slogan t-shirt. I think it’s because my teenage years were spent seeing every boy on a non uniform day wearing some cringey slogan emblazoned across their chest – ‘FBI: Female Body Inspector’ springs to mind. And don’t get me started on the band t-shirts that people wear without ever actually listening to the band at all. Fashionable or not, you should at least know what you’re wearing.


However, there is no denying that slogan t-shirts are having a moment right now, particularly political statement t-shirt. I was a huge fan of the Corbyn tick t-shirt and have to admit that the feminist t-shirts are catching my eye. As a proud feminist myself, it does irk me a little that some people might wear the t-shirt for a ‘fashion’ statement, to look the part and ‘be on trend’ (anyone else remember the Topshop geek/nerd t-shirt phase, where half the people who wore them were the exact opposites of geeks and nerds?), but I like that women are uniting for a common cause. What better way to spread a little girl power than through our clothes, something so often we are ridiculed or judged for. Skirts are too short that we’re slutty, hemlines too long so we’re a prude, necklines are so low that we’re asking for it, necklaces are so high that we might as well be a nun… can we win? No, but these feminist t-shirts tell us not to bother trying to win. We don’t need to be told what we can wear, what we should wear, what our clothes tell people about us – we are telling the world exactly what we are, feminists and proud.


My particular t-shirt is a £12 steal from Missguided – be warned that when it says oversized it means oversized. I am wearing a size 6 and feel drowned in material.

Also, notice my lovely Little Wish Creation necklace is available from here too!


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