Topshop’s Embroidered Dreams

I’m a huge fan of Gothic, slightly aggressive looking clothing (I call those items my man repellers). I also love cutesy prints, florals and girly colours. One minute I’m Ozzy Osbourne’s secret daughter; the next I’m a Zooey Deschanel clone. These two extreme style loves sometimes make finding items of clothing difficult. They might appease my soft, frilly, romantic side, but where is the grit, the edge, the rawness?! I want beauty, but I also want ugly. I’m an Alexander McQueen girl with a high street budget.

Enter Topshop.

This bag and these shoes give me life! They’re girly and embroidered and cute; but also studded and spiked and aggressive. These items speak to me; they understand me, they are me.

I couldn’t purchase them and not share them with you lovelies. After all, if you want to understand a person, a good place to start is their wardrobe.

Floral Bag, £35

Floral Shoes, £26

The shoes also come in black.


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