Little Wish Creations is LIVE ONLINE NOW

It’s with shaking hands that I type this… Little Wish Creations is now LIVE AND LAUNCHED ONLINE!! I am so proud of myself for taking the leap and trying out my idea. Feedback I have received so far has been amazing and I can’t wait to keep working hard and watch my business (hopefully) grow.

Little Wish Creations has always been about spreading positivity and happiness. Who doesn’t want to receive a thoughtful gift from someone telling them what they wish for their future? So far with the orders I have taken I feel like I have achieved this.

It’s exciting to try something new. It’s exciting to challenge yourself. It’s exciting to work hard and it is definitely exciting to be spreading some happiness and joy into the world!


If you’d like to purchase Little Wish Creations, follow the link:



8 thoughts on “Little Wish Creations is LIVE ONLINE NOW

  1. Aww these are so good I’m so proud! I’ll definitely purchase when I get some money! It’d be great if you checked my blog out too x

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