Becoming Boss

Naturally I’m pretty pessimistic about myself. I never think I’m thin enough, pretty enough, clever enough, confident enough, brave enough… I could go on. My confidence isn’t sky high at the best of times, but recently it’s been taking a bit of a shaking.

As some of you may know, I am in the process of setting up a sideproject business ( or search @littlewishcreations on Instagram if you want to be nosey) I am so incredibly excited, but also terrified. I’m scared I will fail, that no one will like me, that people will laugh. All the feedback that I have received has been brilliant, but I am still plagued with worry and self doubt.

But I’ve decided that this needs to stop. I need to believe in myself if this is going to work and I want to believe in myself. I have worked really hard and I know that I will continue to work hard. If I spend my time worrying then I will fail because it is what I have set myself up for, but I don’t want to feel. I am so exited for my future and this project. I am determined to succeed and I am sure if I keep smiling and keep thinking positive then I will get there.

A friend sent me this quote and I feel like this sums up the self belief crossroads that I am at at the moment:


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