BIG Announcement

Hi everyone!

You might have noticed my distinct absence on WordPress recently, for which I am very sorry for but I PROMISE it has all been for a good reason. I am proud (and also terrified) to announce that I will be starting my own business!

I am still going to teach, but I have created a sideline project called Little Wish Creations. The first product is a stunning, delicate sterling silver star necklace. It comes boxed with a wish card and is sprayed with wish dust (it makes the star look like it’s shimmering in the night sky – trust me, it’s very pretty!)

From Saturday 1st July, you can purchase a necklace here : 

And if you wish to you can support me by following my Instagram and Facebook pages:

There is a competition running to win a Little Wish Creation for FREE – all you need to do is like the page and share and comment on the competition post.

I am so excited to start this new chapter of my life and can’t wait to share more details with you all!



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