The Picture That Defines My Relationship

My partner and I are two very different people. I don’t like meat, however his diet consists mostly of meat. I am emotional and impulsive, he is steady. I can’t sit still and have to keep going whereas he loves nothing more than to sit and chill. I’m a dreamer, he’s a realist. My music taste is varied and eclectic, he has a collection of musicians and bands that he adores and listens to solely. We are two very, very different people and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He balances me out and grounds me, I push him out of his shell. We work.

There is one material object in our life that sums up our difference more than anything and it is this canvas. 

To me, this canvas is a monstrosity. It is HUGE!!! Now I like Oasis as much as the next person, but the idea of having that grace my living room wall makes me cringe. It’s brash, load and you simply cannot ignore it.

My partner loves it. It’s loud and obnoxious and he has an unhealthy adoration for the Gallaghers. I say adoration but obsession may be more of an appropriate way to describe it!

When we first moved out, I was adamant that that monstrosity was not going on the wall. Not in the living room or the bedroom at least. I thought offering the office wall was reasonable.

“No one will see it in there,” Niall commented. I had to bite my tongue from replying “exactly!”

As time has gone on, we have made our apartment a home. We have purchased decorations, printed photos, bought new bedding. All the while this canvas has been gathering dust in a cupboard.

Until one drunken night my friend, another Oasis obsessive, asked to see it. Since then it has been propped up on the floor in our living room. 

I still don’t like it, but in a way it kind of works. It’s too dominant for the wall, but propped up, just chilling, it kind of works. It’s a quirky twist to our communal area, a talking point for guests that doesn’t take over the room like it would do if it were on the wall.

Now I can’t deny that seeing Liam Gallagher’s smug face doesn’t make me grimace, but when I look at that canvas I see my relationship. Two very different people, two very different viewpoints but it works. Against all odds, it works. 


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