Beauty Novices Rejoice!!

Recently on my trip to America I went to beauty heaven. For years I had heard about this mythical land, full of extraordinary products, where ordinary girls go to transform into goddesses. For years I thought longingly of this place, hoping to one day venture through its magical doors… finally the day came – I went to Sephora.

Forgive the dramatic opening to this post, but genuinely Sephora had been made out to be this enchanted land of beauty. And in all honesty that’s pretty much what it was. Any brand I had ever heard of was stocked there. The staff were incredibly friendly and the range of products was extensive. Any hair need or and makeup wish list product was stocked.
Needless to say, I left Sephora a lot poorer than I went in, but also very happy. I have loved experimenting with different brands and products, but one product in particular has me raving and it’s the Sephora mixology eyeshadow palette.

I have always envied the girls who could apply eyeshadow. Lipstick I’m fine with and foundation I’m not too shabby, but eyeshadow? That’s an entirely different subject. I could never find the right colours that complimented each other, never knew where to blend or what colours to use. My eyes were a mess whenever I attempted eyeshadow, so instead I used to just use a simple liquid eyeliner (I can do a mean flick) and leave it at that.

Then this palette came into my life. I know this palette is a novices palette, but that’s why I like it. The palette comes with the suitable shades already selected for you so all you have to do is decide how natural or how vampy you want to go. The size of the segments also is a good indicator of how much colour you apply, plus I find the brushes really good for blending. I also use an Urban Decay eyeshadow primer to put on first which helps the colour last longer.  

Since purchasing this palette I have tried out 3 different colour blends and each time I have received so many compliments on my eye makeup. For all you seasoned pros out there, this palette might be too safe for you, but for all you novices like me who just want to look a little cuter, a little more daring but aren’t exactly sure how to then this palette is a must buy. It’s turned me from eyeliner queen to smokey eye warrior.

Sephora, you really are a miracle worker!

Have you ever used the Sephora mixology palette? What do you think of it? Which palettes do you recommend I should purchase next? 


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