An Open Letter To Jeremy Corbyn

I am in no way trying to instruct anyone how to vote or spread a political ideology, I just feel very passionate about this and what’s a blog for if not writing about your passions?

Dear Mr Corbyn,

Whatever happens tomorrow, whatever the outcome, I want to take the time to thank you for so many, many reasons.

Firstly I want to thank you for getting my generation engaged in politics. I’ve never seen so many people tweeting, sharing, posting about politics. You’ve ignited a fire that I don’t think even you knew you would do. It’s amazing to see how many people have woken up and realised that they too have a voice and that they should be heard. There is a communal sense of voting for our future, of taking control of our lives and it’s impossible not to be swept up in it. I have never known anyone rouse people so much, never mind a politician. Whatever the outcome is tomorrow you have given people a voice and I don’t think they will stop using it if you do not win. Thank you for showing us the importanc of our opinion and our beliefs. Thank you for showing us that we all matter. 

Secondly I want to thank you for valuing my profession. I chose to be a teacher because I wanted to make a difference and sometimes I’ve not felt like I could, not because of myself or my ability, but due to lack of funding, increased class sizes and increased pressures to meet standards set based on ridiculously archaic grammar tests. Finally I feel like there is a politician who understands my job and the challenges I face daily and not only understands but wants to make it better for me and the children in my care. I work at least 15 hours a week extra than my wage slip says, and that’s on a good week. You understand that, say that’s not right, stand on my side. I’ve always valued my profession but now I feel like others do too thanks to you shining a spotlight on it.

When I graduated, having had to pay £9000 a year to study for only 3 hours contact time a week, I felt like I had the world at my feet. I got a first, I worked hard. I’m still young, but I face poor wages in comparison to housing costs, living costs and lifestyle costs. Before you I chugged along thinking that it must be right or normal, but now I feel differently. I should not be part of a generation who are the most educated yet less wealthy than ever before. I should be able to afford a house should I want to. As a teacher, a professional who had to study years to get to where I am now, I should be able to save at least £5000 a year, not struggle to save £100 a month. I have worked hard and I will continue to do so, but I shouldn’t be punished for not being born into the lap of luxury. Social mobility should exist. I should be able to tell my class that they can be whoever they want to be and mean it, not have to grimace as I wonder how many will actually be able to afford to make it to university. You give me hope for not only my future but for theirs too.

I’d also like to thank you for your strength and honesty. I’ve watched for weeks now as you have been smeared by media outlets and not once have you stopped to their level. You have stood by what you believe in and remained true to yourself, which cannot be easy when people are constantly taking digs at you.  I admire you for many things, but your strength of character is definitely one of them.

I could go on, but I feel like I’ve got my point across. I’ve shown my appreciation, my admiration and my respect. Good luck and remember what whatever happens you have fought a great fought and will leave a legacy behind you that no other politician in my lifetime has been able to achieve. You have given us hope, Mr Corbyn, do you have any idea have powerful that is?
Thank you


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