Word Power

I love language. I believe that words are our most powerful tool. One sentence can uplift or destroy. One word can change your life forever. 

I love nothing more than to curl up with a good book or listen to a song with profound lyrics. Words are poisonous, beautiful, meaningful.

I’ve started recently noticing the words around us, ones we pass by and see but don’t really register. I’ve started to look for the beauty in those words.

One thing I’ve always loved is reading dedications on benches. It sounds sad, I know, but if I sit on a bench with a dedication attached to it then I have to read it. I love the idea that someone chose those words to be put somewhere permanently, that those words and that message mattered so much that they were to be uttered to the world forever.

Central Park has the biggest collection of such benches I’ve seen, so it was only right that I read as many as I could. I read about lost loves, wistful romances, dedications to a shared life, memories, wishes, hopes. I read about couples, children, parents, friends. A few lines etched into a metal plaque on a bench told me so much.

I took a photo of one of my favourite enscriptions:

I love the defiance in this message, the happiness and the spirit. I love the simple command ‘have fun’ that actually in practise isn’t always that simple even though it should be. I love that someone chose these words not just for themself, but to share a message with the world. 

If you were to write a plaque for a bench, what would it say? Would it be for yourself or someone else? I’d love to hear your ideas!


2 thoughts on “Word Power

  1. If somethings in life aren’t clear or specific I would say ‘Nothing’s wrong when nothing’s true’, or to be badass I would say ‘You’re only a lawbreaker if you get caught. Until then, you’re risktaker’. But then again the badass part wouldn’t be approved.


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