NYC Outfit: Wait, You Aren’t Meant To Coordinate Your Clothes With Taxis?

Packing for New York caused me so much stress that I am surprised my hair isn’t grey by now. I mean, hello, it’s New York, fashion capital of the world, home of Blake Lively and other style goddesses. WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU WEAR THERE?!

I knew I wanted to look cute, but I also knew that it was going to be sunny whilst we were there and I was going to be walking a lot (we averaged a minimum of 20km a day) so I had to be comfortable. Now I don’t know about you, but comfort and style are not words that go hand in hand in my vocabulary. My most beautiful shoes are my most painful and don’t even get me started on the pain of a leg wax.

So I had a dilemma – what to wear? What to pack? What to buy?

Today I’m going to share with you an outfit I wore on our second day, our Central Park and Top of the Rock day. I ADORE THIS OUTFIT! This outfit is a lot girlier and ‘frillier’ than my usual style and I am not usually someone who dressed in colour, but I could not resist this skirt when I saw it:


It is so cute, so girly, so frilly, so summery! It emphasised my waist and was so insanely comfortable to wear even in the heat and after a big breakfast and lunch. I didn’t intentionally coordinate my clothes to match NYC taxis, it just happened, but at least I always stood out in a crowd!

Skirt details: ASOS, £28 – also comes in hot pink!

I teamed up my bright-as-the-sun skirt with a simple white t-shirt. I wanted the skirt to be the show stopper and my outfit to look fresh and casual. I bought a white t-shirt from Next, but any simple white t-shirt would work just as well.

Next Plain White T-Shirt, £5

Next were the all important shoes. Comfort here was key. I was going to be on my feet all day, walking non stop and pounding pavements. I was expecting that I would struggle to find the perfect pair of shoes because I aren’t usually a trainers kind of girl, but in no time I found these gorgeous Vans Lite pumps in white and pale pink on ASOS:img_9169

They are super comfortable and added a really cute touch to my outfit. I felt a bit like a stylist tennis player! The shoes come in different colours, such as white and mint green or all over pink, but I liked the white and pink ones best. ALSO Elle UK have a 20% offer off ASOS in this month’s issue so if you grab a copy you could get these shoes even cheaper!

VANS Lite, ASOS, £55

And here are some photos of me in NYC wearing my taxi matching, simple but stylish summer tourist outfit:

Hope you love my simple New York day look as much as I did!


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