New York Evening Outfit That Had Me Feeling As Pretty As Lady Liberty

I couldn’t help it – I had to dress up. New York is such a beautiful place that I wanted to try make myself worthy of being there. Never mind that all I had been told was that heels in New York were a big no no – I wanted to feel glamorous, dammit! 

I wore this outfit to our rooftop cocktail bar (I’ll share a photo of the stunning view later!)

This Topshop skirt is a steal at £18! I can’t find it on their website but I saw it in store last week so I’m hoping it’s still available. It’s a stone grey colour with a mini insert and a midi mesh overlay. Because of the way it flares out, my waist felt tiny even though I’ve been eating New York portions for the last few days and feel anything other than tiny. In this outfit I felt incredible! 

The earrings I also bought at Topshop literally two days ago – but again they aren’t on the website! They were £10 but add a really lovely, classy vibe to the outfit. 

Crop Top -£28 Miss Selfridge 

Finally, a product I can link you to! This top comes in black, white and yellow. It is semi open at the back and fitted. Again, teamed with this skirt my waist looked small and I felt really good in my own skin.

The bag is from ASOS and linked in a previous post and the shoes are last seasons Missguided, but I’m sure you can find similar ones as they are still quite a popular shoe – chunky heel, lace up front, open toed. 

Sorry there aren’t more links to the products if you like them. To compensate, as promised, here the rooftop view:


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