New York I Love You! First Impressions of the City

I’ve been blogging a little while now and my trip to New York has come up a few times, simply because I have been SO excited to go. I’ve never been to America and New York has always been my dream destination.

Well guys – I am here!!

Our flight was delayed setting off so we arrived 40 minutes late, but we got amazing service from Super Shuttle who were taking us to our hotel. 

My first impressions of New York from the shuttle ride were mostly based on traffic.

‘Does everyone here own a car?’

‘How can so many cars be on one road?!’ Etcetc.

A slow car ride did allow me to see some of the views though, which got me even more excited! Cue terrible photo taken from the shuttle bus:

Eventually we arrived at our hotel, Shelburne Affinia on Lexington Avenue. This hotel is gorgeous! For a budget stay in New York, you can’t get better than this. Our room is spacious and lovely and the staff are so helpful. There’s a rooftop cocktail bar with views onto the Empire State Building plus a free wine hour – winner winner!!

We got to the hotel at around 6pm local time; but had been up since 3am back in England. We didn’t feel like doing much, but we don’t want to waste anytime at all so off we ventured.

Our hotel is 15 minutes away from Times Square which is where we headed for our first tourist stop off, although even just walking around this city and seeing the ‘normal’ buildings is an experience in itself. Everything is done on such a large scale and so incredibly beautiful.

After 15 minutes of walking around open mouthed in wonder, we arrived at Times Square. All I can say is WOW. I could describe the place, the atmosphere, the feeling but it wouldn’t do it any justice. It’s busier than I thought, brighter than I thought, taller than I thought, louder than thought – it’s insane. For any tourist wanting a skin tingling moment, I’d recommend standing in the middle of Times Square and just soaking in the fact that you are in NEW YORK BABY!!!

We went for food at a local Irish pub around the corner, €38 dollars for 2 courses and refillable drinks which to me is a really recent price anyway nevermind for our location.

We wandered back to our hotel, taking photos of some of the things we saw along the way like Grand Central Station. 

All in all for a first few hours in New York, I feel like we have seen so many iconic things but also barely scratched the surface. I can’t wait for what the rest of the trip brings and getting to see more of this incredible, buzzing, iconic city.

It’s official : New York, I love you.


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