Today I bought my first piece of art. Check me out, I’m a fully fledged adult! I bought it at The Imaginarium in York. I tried to walk away from it, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind and half an hour later I was back, handing over my card and a proud owner of a piece of art.

It got me thinking what else have I done that makes me an ‘adult’, because at 23, whether I like or it not or even act like it or not, I am an adult. Being an adult always scared me. Adults seemed so grown up. They had their shit together, they got things done, they owned homes. I was happy with my head in the clouds, but actually the more I thought of it the more I realised I am an adult, and not just because I boughta fancy piece of artwork. 

Here is my list of reasons why I know I am an adult:

1. I can book my own holidays – I used to get my parents or a travel agent to do all the ‘tricky’ bits for me, but recently I booked my own trip and found out that actually it’s not that hard to book a holiday. I even booked a group holiday with friends and I was the lead passenger even though I was the youngest. I’m taking that as a step towards becoming An Adult. 

2. Paying bills – now this is my least favourite thing about being an adult. I love having a full time job and earning a decent wage, I hate it when my bills take it from me. But I get it. I have an apartment to run and I love my independence, so as much as bills annoy me, the adult in me reminds me that they are a necessary evil.

3. I make my own appointments –I once went a year without getting my hair cut when I was a teenager because I didn’t want to ring and my mum wouldn’t. I’d avoid calling people on the phone at all costs, even if it meant I’d miss out on something I needed. I’d worry I sounded silly or I’d mess up the conversation, which is ridiculous, so I simply wouldn’t make the call. Now I can proudly say I will ring the doctor, the hairdresser, anyone I need to. Starting conversations with figures of authority makes me an adult in my eyes.

4. I save – at eighteen, I had a part time job and student finance and I looked at them like glorified spending money. Sure I paid for the university necessities and travel essentials, but really I was ASOS’s best customer and I loved it. Disposal income was brilliant, but somewhere along the line I got tired of having nothing to show for my years of enduring a terrible part time job other than a nice handbag. Now I can say I have savings and that each month I happily take money from my wage to invest in my future. Sometimes I hate saving and long for a big blow out, but I know that saving is better for me and my future. 

5. Compromising – I used to be such a hothead in an argument. I was right, always, all the time, don’t even try deny it. This meant that when I argued, I went all out. I could say some really below the belt things. I always won the argument, but sometimes the fallout wasn’t actually worth the win. As I’ve got older, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned what is worth fighting for but also how hard to fight. A lot of the time listening and compromising works a lot better than screaming insults and targeting the people you love. Sometimes you might not win the argument, but you win more in the long run. I’ve learnt to be fine with that.

I feel like there is a lot more to learn and a lot more room for me to grow, but when I think of the person I am becoming I am proud. Sure there are the superficial adult things, like buying a piece of art, but as a person I am becoming more mellow, kinder, more at peace. As scary as being an adult is, I’m not sure I’d change it at all. In fact, I think I quite like this (half) adult version of me. 

What are you doing that makes you an adult? How are you finding the world of adulting?


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