Princess Party Featuring Disney Inspired Cocktails… You’re Never Too Old To Be A Princess

Ever since moving out with my boyfriend in November, I have loved hosting little events at our apartment. Having a space to yourself that you are in control of is great. I can invite people over without having to ask for permission first, not worry about offending parents by making a mess and best of all I can make my nights as outlandish as I like!

This weekend my partner is away on a stag do so I thought it would be the perfect time to arrange a girls night. My friends have been quite down and stressed with work and things at the moment so I thought a girly night would do the trick, but in the end it was more than that – it was an adult princess party. Ridiculous, I know, but I found a recipe for a Disney inspired cocktail and saw some cheap mini tiaras and thought why not!! Everyone needed a laugh and an excuse to be silly. Plus we’re all a princess even if we don’t live in a castle, we needed reminding of that!

I thought I’d share with you our cocktail recipes because every single one was amazing!! We made our cocktails in big cocktail dispensers so each recipe has no specific guidance on how much of each ingredient you should put in, but the taste testing is all part of the fun!

1. Beauty and the Beast Inspried – A Kiss From A Rose

This cocktail was really easy to make and is perfect for all your prosecco loving princesses out there. We poured about a finger of cranberry and raspberry juice into a glass first and then filled the glass with prosecco. Finally, we added a dash of soda water to the mix. Delicious! I think even Belle would have put her book down and had a try if that one. 

2. The Lion King inspired – African Sunset

This cocktail was my personal favourite and not just because I am a gin fan. Just looking at it reminded me of being on holiday. We poured gin and aperol spritz in to the pitcher first in roughly equal measures, then a full carton of both juices. We mixed them together well and the cocktail ended up looking like a beautiful sunset. It tasted incredible!

3. Peter Pan inspired – Green Spirit

My friends thought this was the best cocktail of the night. We put in equal measures of the apple sourz and peach schnapps; then slightly less vodka. After we topped it up with lemonade and mixed it together. The cocktail was a pale green colour and tasted quite sweet.

4. Snow White inspired – Lips As Red As Roses

This cocktail was definitely a summery drink. We poured a whole carton of cranberry in with a about 2 inches of vodka and added a little strawberry syrup to the mix. Finally we added a tiny splash of orange juice. This one tasted sweet and really summery. It would have been lovely with some fresh strawberries inside too.

There you have them – our Disney themed cocktails! Don’t be afraid to try them or adapt their recipes to suit your tastes. And remember – you are definitely never too old to be a princess or throw a princess party!

What’s your favourite cocktail?


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