Wedding Wondering

I got the most exciting news the other day – my friend who asked me to be a bridesmaid has moved her wedding forward a year. I got onto bridesmaid duty straight away, going with her to book her (stunnning) venue and sending links to makeup artists that I know.

I’ve never been a bridesmaid before. I could have cried when she asked me to be one. It’s an honour to be invited to someone’s special day in general, never mind to be asked to be a part of the ceremony. It made me feel so special and loved and showed me that she valued the friendship we share as much as I do.

It got me thinking how I would decide who to ask to be a bridesmaid if I were to get married. Choosing those people who will be right beside you as you commit your life to someone and will hold your hand every step of the way leading up to that moment is a big decision, and in my opinion not one that should be taken lightly. 
Here is my list of bridesmaid finding criteria:

  • Have they been there for me when I needed them before? I’ve been told that a wedding is one of the most stressful experiences of someone’s life, so a friend that has already shown themselves to be a support is one I’d definitely want holding my hand through catering delays or makeup disasters.
  • Quality not quantity. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how long you have known the person. Some of my closest friends I have known for less than 2 years and some of the people I thought would always be a good friend are now just a name on a friends list. If I were picking a bridesmaid, a friend that had been loyal and supportive is one I’d pick over the person I’d known the longest.
  • Organise me!! There’s only so much one person can do/think of/organise/handle by them self. I’d want to pick a team of bridesmaids who could help carry the load and remind me of the things I’d forgot, like no Jess you can’t last in 6 inch heels on a night out never mind all of your wedding day.
  • People who understand me and my relationship. Your wedding day is exactly that – your wedding day. Everyone’s vision of their perfect day is different and most people respect that, however I have heard tales of some bridesmaids telling the bride what to do on their own way. My music taste is different Timmy friends and my fashion sense a little edgier. If they tried to tame me down I think I’d be a little upset. I’d want people around me who knew me well enough to know my tastes and what things I would want rather than impose their views on me. 
  • Smiles All Around. Positive people are people I try to surround myself with, but I imagine I would want to surround myself with them more than ever when wedding planning. I think I’d need people cheering me on and reminding the true meaning of the day. Plus, you can’t beat a friend who can put a smile on your face no matter how hideous you feel!

Ultimately, I would want my bridesmaid squad to be made up of the people I love the most. I’d want my dependable friends, my funny friends, my calm in a chaos friends. I’d want those people who are there no matter what and who really make me believe in #squadgoals

What would your top tips for picking a bridesmaid be?


2 thoughts on “Wedding Wondering

  1. This was cute to read! I only had one bridesmaid, and one maid of honour. Quality over quantity like you said, plus we wanted a small wedding in general 🙂 And I’ve always had just a small group of close friends who have stuck with me over the years


    1. I think it’s really lovely to have a few key people share the big moment with you rather than a huge huddle that are there just for photos. I bet you had such a magical day! Every photo I’ve seen of your wedding looks incredible

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