I’m ‘A’ Pretty Little Liars Addict

For the first time in my life I have an addiction to a TV show. It’s actually something I’m proud of, proud enough to dedicate a post to it. I have never been one to sit still for very long, my to do list is too long and my imagination is too wild, so the fact that I am starting series 3 of Pretty Little Liars when I only started watching it 3 weeks ago is a big achievement for me. A season a week might not sound much to most avid TV buffs, but when you spend around 50 hours a week at work it definitely feels like an achievement.

I kind of spoilt this show for myself when I went to Australia in December 2015. I was travelling alone so didn’t have anyone to talk to. Naturally I spent the entire flight watching films and TV shows. I’d heard of Pretty Little Liars though a friend so thought I’d give it a go. Annoyingly, the episodes unveiled who ‘A’ was *SPOILER ALERT LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW it’s someone called Charles* which I consider seriously poor scheduling by the airline, but still I saw back then that it was actually a pretty good show.

Fast forward to 3 weekends ago when boredom struck and there I was watching the pilot. That right there was the moment I became a Pretty Little Liars Addict And Proud. Now I may already know the identity of the mastermind, which to some of you may spoil the entire series, but I still have so many questions I want answering! Namely:

  • Does Toby Cavanagh stay this good looking or is it possible that he gets even cuter?! Seriously, I have a school girl crush on the man!
  • Will Spencer ever wear age appropriate clothes? She’s my favourite character, but sometimes those outfits…..
  • Who will they recast next? When Jason rocked up in series 2 having had a face transplant I was so confused. You can recast all you like, producers, but you can’t fool me. 
  • Why were they ever friends with Ali? Seriously, she was so incredibly mean to them all.
  • When will they all find out that Jenna can see again? If they were scared of her before, then who knows how they will feel now!
  • How does Emily have such perfect skin all the time? Seriously, how?!
  • When will Melissa give birth? She has had the same tiny bump for what feels like forever!
  • How come when Hanna broke her leg it was fixed in the next episode?
  • Will Caleb ever cut his hair? On another Caleb related point, should Caleb even be in high school? He looks like me may have been held back a year or two if you ask me
  • When does the stylist buy Aria’s clothes from? Serious wardrobe envy!

I’d love to stay and chat about my new best show, but series 3 is calling and I need to catch up….
Let me know your TV addictions or recommendations! 


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