Budget Makeup Removal Review 

Today I’m going to be reviewing a product by Soap and Glory. Soap and Glory seems to be the go to product that everyone gives me at Christmas. I’m not complaining – I love a good Soap and Glory giftset. Their products always work and their packaging is always cute. 

Today I am going to be reviewing their makeup remover. This product claims that it is for all skin types. My skin is ‘normal’, although sometimes can get a little oily around my nose and in cold weather can be dry.  I purchased this makeup remover for £5.99, which definitely makes it a budget friendly buy!


Firstly and most importantly, it works. On a day wearing ‘heavier’ makeup, I need to use 3 cotton wool pads for the makeup to be fully removed, which isn’t bad in my opinion. I have been using it for 2 weeks and have barely used any of the product, making it real value for money as it only cost me £5.99 at Boots. I imagine this bottle will last for a fair few months.

My skin feels soft and isn’t dry after use. It’s not an oily product either and dries into the skin so your face doesn’t need to be washed after. It’s nice to have skin that feels refreshed after a heavy day of makeup wearing. 

Another plus is that I have had no break outs since using this product. It really does seem to cleanse my face of all impurities.


This product does not smell pretty. It smells like cucumber that’s a little past it’s sell by date. The smell doesn’t linger on the skin, but it’s not the most pleasant scent to have near your face. 
Hope this review of a budget friendly makeup remover helps!

Which makeup remover do you use?


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