When Exercise Meets A Night Out

Tonight I went to the opening of a new class called Clubbercise and I can honestly say I am hooked!! The premise of the clas is pretty simple – dancing to club songs with 2 huge glow sticks. 

First of all, any class that offers complimentary shots on the way in is a winner in my eyes, even if the shots are smoothies. Seen as it was the first night of the class, before it started we all had our faces painted. I felt like I was a dancer in Ibiza, not my local gym.

There were about fifty of us in the class of all ages, all decorated in face paints and ready to discover what clubbercise actually was. 

We were each given 2 huge glow sticks each and what followed was an hour of jumping, punching, singing along, waving, jogging, facing, sweating, sweating and more sweating. 

The music was punchy and energetic with beats that were easy to follow for even a dancing novice like myself. Each routine had repetitive elements that were easy to pick up on and follow. Another huge plus of this class in myopinion is that it is done in the dark with disco lights and your glow sticks as the only illumination. For those who weren’t gifted with coordination like myself, this is a blessing as no one can see if you go right instead of left.

All in all, this class has made a fantastic first impression on me. It was what all classes should be in my opinion – hard work, draining but ultimately fun. Who would ever have thought it – Monday night is my new rave night! 


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