The Pursuit of (Hair) Happiness

I was the kid with ringlets. Curls were synonymous with who I was. My curls were considered cute when I was little. When you’re seven and your hair springs back when it’s pulled, it’s hilarious. When you’re at primary school and you run around with a wild lions mane, playing football and joking with your friends, no one is judging you. 

Hit your teenage years though and things become a little trickier. You want to be arrractive, not cute. You don’t want to be the girl with the novelty hair. You want to blend in and be normal, not stand out for all the wrong reasons. When I was a teenager, poker straight hair was fashionable. My frizzball head never complied, no matter how many times I went over it or how high I turned the temperate of my straighteners to. The more heat I used, the frizzier and drier it got. The more damaged my hair got, my angrier I got at it’s lack of compliance and the more heat I applied – it was a vicious circle.

At 23, I still don’t have the best relationship with my hair. I’m getting better at taking care of it. I get it cut regularly now and use heat defense products whenever I style my hair. Speaking of styling, I can either have my hair one of two styles – curly or straight. Ask me to do braid my hair or do a funky updo and I’ll more than likely run away. 

However, recently I found a treatment that is turning even my frizzy mess into soft, luscious locks. Enter L’Oréal Paris :

Whilst it only says to apply this treatment for a few minutes, I apply it for roughly 10 minutes. It’s got a really smooth texture and a little product goes a long way. It has a pleasant scent and leaves my hair feeling hydrated and nourished, but importantly not greasy. If I leave my hair to dry naturally after using this product it looks just as nice as if I use a hairdryer and style it a little more. It really has nourished my hair. 

This photo shows the benefit of this balm after just two uses. I didn’t curl my hair, just used a round brush and a hairdryer and these are the results: 

Usually, my hair looking that healthy only ever happens for me once I leave the hairdresser, which is a testament to the product and not to my hair styling ability! I’m not one to say that I am a hair styling goddess, but if I could recommend one product to all you fellow curly haired girls it would be this. We no longer have to battle with unruly frizz and hair that looks like straw – I’m finally finding hair happiness!

What product is your go to hair product? Which styling tool has saved your tresses?


3 thoughts on “The Pursuit of (Hair) Happiness

  1. Girl your hair is gorgeous! The styling tool that has saved my hair is the OGX coconut oil mist. It has made my hair silkier and a whole lot smoother, I would totally recommend it.


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