Help!! I’ve been an Easter Feaster

It’s time to confess my sins, and by my sins I mean my major, gluttonous calorie overload. Now I’m not one for calorie counting and I will always, always say yes to a piece of pizza or seven, but I’ve really overdone it recently.

Over the course of Easter, I went out for food 10 times. To put that into perspective, I only had 2 weeks off. 10 times in 2 weeks is shameful. Delicious, but shameful. 

I feel a bit sluggish, lethargic and generally like I look a little bit like uncooked dough. I’ve started back at work today so I’m back in a routine which is helpful and I’m determined to change. However, I am generally quite clueless about how to change my ways which is why I am asking for your help! There are a few changes I will be making, but I need some help and advice to make more impactful changes. 

Obviously I won’t be eating out half as much now I am back at work, if at all. I used my time off of work to socialise and the majority of those plans involved food. 

I do exercise, however I am not someone who can sit on a rowing machine or run on a treadmill for hours on end. I need exercise to be fun. My exercise of choice is Zumba. I go to classes at least twice a week (although I neglected these classes over Easter, hence the dough feeling.)

I don’t like the taste of meat, so my diet is generally quite healthy, although it does tend to be heavily carb based which can be a problem. Put it this way –  if I were a good, I’d either be Pizza or pasta. 

Clearly I need help!!

What are your tips for this Easter feaster? How can I go from flab to fab?


7 thoughts on “Help!! I’ve been an Easter Feaster

  1. Oh girl, I feel ya! I was SUCH a glutton over Easter…and the following week… lol! I’m glad today is the start of a new week to eat healthy! Zumba is such a fun way to exercise- I might hit up a class myself this week! Cheers!


    1. I keep telling myself that’s what having a break at Easter is for, seeing friends and eating good food – only my clothes are telling me otherwise! Nice to know someone else is in the same boat, we will Zumba away our Easter blues together!

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