Arm Candy Update

They say a girl is either one of two things – a shoe girl or a handbag girl. I am firmly in the first category, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good handbag (or seven…)

However, finding the right bag doesn’t come as easy to me as finding the right pair of shoes. With shoes, I generally look at them and simply have to have them. I have an all consuming, obsessive relationship with shoes. Shoes make me believe in love at first sight, hence the reason why I am inundated with shoes, some that I have never worn but would never part with because I simply love them.

Handbags make me work a little harder for their affection, though. I have to feel them, hold them, carry them around and imagine what this handbag says about me. I don’t often get a new bag, but when I do it means that the chosen item has earned my affection.

So imagine my surprise when in the space of a week I have bought three new bags:


(Links to purchase any of these bags are at the bottom of this post)

The Black Tote

This bag immediately caught my eye one day whilst casually scrolling through pages and pages of ASOS goodies. It’s a classic piece with a lovely shape, but the silver detailing on it gives it a little edge. I ordered it, thinking that if I didn’t like it when it arrived that I could send it back, but I never did. I felt transformed the minute it was on my arm. It makes me feel like an all powerful, world at my feet, city showstopper when I carry this bag. It’s a barrier between me and the world that says “don’t even try mess with me” and gives me a confidence that I have always wanted. What more could you ask for from your handbag?

The Grey Clutch

What’s not to love about this clutch – the cool, stone colour, the bold, rectangular shape, the sexy, lace up corset style detail… it’s everything a clutch should be. I don’t dress in a way that screams for attention. I’d rather pick little details that catch your eye, and for me this clutch definitely is an eye grabber. I like how playful and suggestive the lace up detail is. I can’t wait to wear it for a date night or a night out with the girls.

The Red Bag

My adoration for all black clothing is well documented, so it’s only appropriate that I pick the brightest, boldest accessories to brighten me up. I saw this bag a few weeks ago at a Topshop in Leeds but I didn’t buy it. Ever since then it’s been on my mind, taunting me for ever thinking I could walk away.

“Do you know what would go great with this outfit? The red bag,” I’d say to myself as I surveyed myself in the mirror. Like romance with people, I knew if I couldn’t get this bag off my mind then there was more to be said about it than the one I didn’t buy, the one that got away.

It’s not the biggest bag in the world, but it definitely makes an impact. I like to wear it with a red lipstick or nail varnish to vamp up my all black ensembles and show a cheekier, more daring side to myself.


So there you have them – my new pieces of arm candy! What do you think of them? What kind of bag is your dream bag?


Red Topshop Across Body Bag – £20 (Item also is available in yellow and grey)

Grey La Moda Clutch Bag – £14.99

Black ASOS Tote – £22 (out of stock at the time of posting, but hopefully this great bag will be back in stock soon!)


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