The Gift You Didn’t Know To Ask For… Until Now

I moved out with my boyfriend in November and I feel like every time I go to visit my parents they have a gift for me. Slight exaggeration, but my mum is so thoughtful and if she sees something for me or the apartment that she knows I will like then she always buys it.

I went to visit yesterday and she had got me the COOLEST present. It was a gift I didn’t know I wanted or needed until she gave me it.

And here it is:

It doesn’t look like much and at first I didn’t actually know what it was, but once she told me I was a fan. Essentially, it’s a little holder for your lipstick that comes complete with a mirror for application. I’ve had it one day and because it’s a little chunkier than a lipstick and made with a textured material it’s saved me so much time rooting around in my handbag trying to find my lipstick because I can identify the holder right away. Also the mirror means I don’t have to pretend to need the toilet when I want to quickly refreshed my lipstick. Plus the design is so gorgeous! 

She got it from a little shop in Haworth, but I’m sure other places will sell them. I feel like investing in this business – a purse for your lipstick, who knew such a gift was needed?!


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