Lashes For Days 

Without a doubt, my best feature is my eyes. When I was a baby, a group of tourists stopped my parents in London and asked to take a photo of me because they’d never seen eyes so big and blue. I love hearing that story because it reminds me that I can’t have been the troll child that my brother so kindly tells me I was.
My eyes are the first thing people notice and comment on. I’m someone who is notoriously hard on herself, so if I say that I actually like my eyes then it means something.

This is why I take defining my eyes quite seriously. I have a Birthmark on my forehead, freckles and countless other things I don’t quite love about myself , so I want people to notice the bits that I do like.
This is why I am sharing with you my go to lash lengthening, lash loving products. Here are some photographs to show just why I adore these products so much – I think you’ll agree that the difference they make is incredible:

These are my natural eyelashes with just a tiny bit of liquid eyeliner drawn across the upper lash line – I think you’ll agree that they are pretty unimpressive!

These photos were taken after applying Benefit They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer and Benefit They’re Real mascara, pictured below

Granted I should have used an eyelash curler before going to town on my eyes with these products, but even without the use of a curler my eyes are defined and pop a lot more with the help of two incredible products. 

There are the products that I use:

Benefit They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer – I bought this from Boots but it is available at all Benefit concessions. First thing is first – this product is AMAZING!!! It makes mascara cling to my lashes for dear life and preps them so that they don’t clump together with I apply mascara. It has a brown pigment itself so some people wear just this primer, but I like my lashes bold so use a mascara as well. 

After using the lash primer I apply They’re Real, also by Benefit (I do really love their products!) The primer makes all mascara application better and I have used different brands such as Rimmel with the primer and had pleasing results, but They’re Real is the mascara that I love the most. The wand seems to find and coat every eyelash and the mascara formula is jet black and doesn’t flake off during the day. Paired with the primer, it makes my lashes bold, strong and fierce and I really do have to say to people “they’re my real eyelashes I promise!!”


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