My Skincare Dream Team

When I first starting teaching in September, I’ve noticed that my skin took the brunt of my exhaustion. It looked dry and lifeless and at the age of 23 I felt my undereyes looked like the undereyes of someone who was 63. I realised pretty quickly that I needed a skincare routine, and more importantly one that I stuck to. I couldn’t work pretty much 10 hour days and expect that not to reflect on my face.

So here are my skincare dream team products, the ones that turn my tired, dull face into something that looks a little more human:

I start off every morning (and before before) using the Clinique Mild Facial Soap (I bought mine at Debenhams – wait for a day with double points for your beauty card). It’s not abrasive, doesn’t smell perfumed and my skin always feels refreshed after use.

Next I use Clinque’s Clarifying Lotion by pouring a little into a cotton wool pad and gently wiping across my face in a circular motion, moving outwards. This stuff is potent and it literally feels like it is waking your skin up to start the day. Coincidentally it is one of the best hangover cures I’ve ever come across – one cleanse of your face and you’re wide awake and ready to face the day. It can leave my skin feeling a little tight sometimes, which is why the next step is so important.

After using the Clarifying Lotion, my skin needs a little moisture. I’m a huge fan of Benefit in general, but their moisturiser Total Moisture is one of my favourite products. It’s a really thick, creamy moisturiser and has a lovely, fresh scent. My skin feels so soft after I use this, I can’t rave enough about this product.

As I’m always tired, I’ve started to notice my eyes look a little swollen first thing and fine lines are appearing (my boyfriend says it’s paranoia and there’s nothing there but I swear this job is ageing me!) I invested in another Benefit product, this time an eye cream called It’s Potent. Again this product is a rich formula. I find it is really gentle to the skin and hydrates underneath my eyes nicely. A little of this product goes a long way.

Finally, my final skincare essential product is a body lotion because quite often I used to forget about the skin on the rest of my body, then summer would arrive and I’ve be horrified about the idea of anyone seeing my unsightly legs. To stop this horror show from happening, I now use Garnier’s Ultimate Blends Body Restoring Lotion in Honey Treasures, although there are different types of scents for different types of skin. I don’t find this product sticky and my skin feels soft for days after use. 

And there you have it, the 5 products that make my skincare dream team. While I may not be a makeup artist or beauty guru, I am a normal girl who wants her skin to look healthy, youthful and beautiful and these are my go to products that always work for me.

Which products are your skin saviours?


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