Summer Skirt Lushness

If you ask anyone what colour comes to mind when they think of my clothes, they will all answer the same – “black”.

I mean, I’ll stretch to charcoal, maybe even grey, but for me black is where it is at. If it’s gothic looking, lacy, dark, distressed, I’ll have it. Wednesday Adams is my fashion spirit twin. There’s something so masking, so comforting to me about wearing black. It makes me feel like a grown up. I feel comfortable, mysterious, powerful. I feel myself. 

But being an all black fan does have its draw backs, mostly in summer. After spending years sweltering away under my many cloaks of darkness, I’ve decided it might be time to invest in a little colour. Lighten up my life and all that jazz.

Enter this little Asos number:

As £28, it’s a bargain. It’s the opposite to everything I own – fluffy, flouncy, undeniably sweet. When I wear it I feel like Carrie Bradshaw. I love it. I love that it lifts my mood and makes me walk a little taller. I love that it’s bold and bright and calls for attention. I love that it transforms me and my confidence. 

That’s the power of clothes. They are portals to an alternate reality, an alternate self. They are a mode of expression that can be sometimes more powerful than any words could be, and I like what this new purchase says about me, or the me I am growing into. Who knows, maybe in a few years time my wardrobe will be a multicoloured carnival of fun, but for now I will stick to my blackened oasis, only maybe with a few pops of colour every now and then. 


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