Relationship Reflection 

Today I found myself sat in a cinema watching a film I never thought I’d see. I looked to my left at the man beside me, smiled and squeezed his hand.

Relationships change you. They make you do things you never thought you’d do. Sometimes those things are to make the other person happy, like do the washing up so they don’t have to, whereas other times relationships turn you into someone you didn’t know that you were, namely a screaming, raging banshee.

I know my relationship has changed me as a person, but I’d argue that it’s for the better. I’m more grounded now and I think of others more, even over something as simple as cooking his favourite tea instead of what I want. I plan my time better because I don’t want to waste a second that could be spend making memories. I (try) to be less lazy with my appearance because I want him to still feel blown away by me. I try to worry less and combat my stress more than letting it get on top of me because I know that has an effect on my relationship.

He does too. He cares for me, tries his hardest, loves me. 

Relationships are all about give and take, and right now I feel like there’s a good balance in mine. I love that we go out of each other’s way to make the other happy. When he smiles, I smile, so however I can make that happen I will do. And yes, that does mean seeing films like Fast and Furious 8 (which coincidentally isn’t that bad).


5 thoughts on “Relationship Reflection 

  1. I loved this 🙂
    You’re very right, a good relationships requires that delicate balance with give and take. Sometimes that means going to see movies you normally wouldn’t, or eating out a place you normally wouldn’t try 😀


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