Wardrobe Confessions

As part of my recent life overhaul, I am trying to shop less. I confess to being a shopaholic. When I was a student in particular I didn’t blink twice blowing a few hundred pounds on a shopping spree. That was what my part time wage was for, right?

Now I have rent and bills and grown up stuff, I try to shop more cleverly. I do the whole ‘do you really need it?’ Routine and (mostly) manage to control myself. However I am an emotional shopper, and nothing eases a bad day like a browse on Asos. And then a little look on Topshop. And then a cheeky glance at Zara… you get my drift.

However with my grandad dying and seeing he was a hoarder, I am really trying to change my ways. Shop less, buy more, only keep what I actually wear. 

I have one major issue with my wardobe – I have two and once an item crosses territory from one wardobe to another then it is ruined for me. One wardrobe is a workwear wardrobe, one is for everything else.

If I wear something from my normal wardrobe to work, then I never wear it anywhere but work again. Somehow it’s been tainted and will only ever look corporate, hence why I have a wardrobe of party dresses that I can’t eat all day to wear and a leopard fur coat and then another wardrobe of black pants and shirts. Sure, at 6.20am I can easily find an outfit for work, but this fashion organisation is ruining me. 

It is the reason why I am laid on my bed trying to get ready to go out tonight in a dressing gown facing the two brimming wardrobes internally screaming “WHY DO YOU HAVE NO CLOTHES?!”

My two wardrobes and my stupid organisation OCD is killing me. If only dressing gowns were acceptable bar attire, although saying that I’d wear it one day for work and never again socially! 
Please tell me I am not alone in this 🙈


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