Life Goals #1

I’m going through a period of transition at the moment where I can feel myself changing and growing as a person due to things that have happened. Sometimes it’s a little scary to experience a change in outlook, but mostly it’s exciting. I’m a person who likes to feel like they are actively doing things, therefore constantself evaluation  and self assessment is good for me.

I’ve figured out one definite ‘life goal’ – I want to wake up and not reach for my phone first thing.

Now I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to my phone. I don’t snapchat everything and I don’t even have a Twitter account, but when I wake up and my partner is still asleep I browse social media to see what people have been up to and read the news before I focus on anything in my own life. 

I want a life that I wake up to and that becomes first priority. I don’t want to look at social media and wonder if everyone else is making sense of everything better than I am. I want to wake up and look out of my window, to marvel at the life around me that I have been able to build.

Don’t get me wrong – my life now isn’t an unhappy one, but I know that I want more than this and that is what I am working on. 

One day I won’t reach for my phone to marvel at the outside world because my personal world will be all the fulfilment I need.

What are your life goals?


2 thoughts on “Life Goals #1

  1. I think this sounds like a fabulous goal, and one I should probably adopt as well. I am by no means addicted to my phone, but I do look at it first thing in the morning for the same reasons you say here, and I do wonder how much that impacts my time management and satisfaction with life.

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