Retail = Therapy

I have made it no secret that recently things have been tough, but today I received an order from Forever 21 and as I tried on an abundance of florals and colour I felt myself smiling. I admired myself. I treat myself. Despite the circumstances, I was happy.

That is the power of retail therapy. 

Sure there are times when everything you buy isn’t right and you have to go through the pain of returning it, but when retail therapy is good it’s really good. You get to buy something that reinvents you, that makes you see yourself in a different way. Maybe you buy a colour you don’t usually have the confidence to wear, maybe you dare to splurge on something a little pricey or challenge yourself to wear something you secretly wish you had the balls to. Either way, retail therapy allows you to become that person you secretly wish you were.

My partner laughs when I shop because I either buy nothing or everything. What can I say, I’m an all or nothing girl! But I love the power of shopping, the power of clothes. I love to see myself in new ways, to let my clothes express myself and the person I am growing into. 

To some people retail therapy is a little shallow, but to me it helps. Today as I looked at my reflection in my new maxi dress, I envisioned myself in New York, a place I have always wanted to visit and will be in a few months time. I saw myself smiling, ticking something off of my bucket list, growing as a person and moving on – that is the power of retail therapy.


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