The Evolution of Love

Two of my closest friends have recently started dating. I’ve known that he liked her for a long time, but I let things happen naturally for them (okay, I may have dropped a few casual hints along the way…) and now they are blissfully happy. Call me Cupid if you like, I don’t mind. 

Seeing their rosy cheeks, shiny eyes and wide smiles makes me reflect on my own relationship. They are without a doubt in the newly loved up, honeymoon stage of their relationship whereas I have been with my partner for over 4 years. We live together now, something we would pine for on the nights we had to say goodbye.

He is the first thing I see on a morning and the last thing I see on a night. We have our routine such as him taking me to work. We have our chores and our roles around the apartment. We split everything financially 50/50. We budget, we save, we plan.

Typing that makes me cringe because I feel like it makes me sound so old at 23, but then I stop – I have security, comfort, a home in a person I love more than anything else on this earth. What is cringey about that? 

Whilst we might not be staying up all night eagerly awaiting texts from each other anymore, we still have our things that make us romantic and show that we care for each other more than we care for anyone else on this planet. 

The other day when I was feeling down he surprised me with chocolate. He lets me pick the film and doesn’t complain even if it is something incredibly girly. We go on days out and cross experiences off of our joint bucket list. For christmas he booked a surprise trip to Edinburgh, somewhere I have always wanted to visit. He surprises me with cuddles and kisses and always makes time to ask about my day. He is there for me, providing me safety and comfort and a love I never thought I’d know.

My 4 year relationship is not the same as my friends newly born one. Over time things change, but for me they have changed for the better. Sure I might wish he complemented me more but really do I need those endless compliments? All I need to do is look into his eyes to see how much he cares.

As a couple we have overcome so many hurdles, some I never thought we would. We have laughed together, cried together but always, always been together. I might not know what the future holds for us but I know that right now I couldn’t be happier and I wouldn’t change my routine, my life, my partner for the world. 


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