I Love Snoopy

I finally found it… the Snoopy phone.

It was my Grandad’s. I remember the day we went to his office when he retired to collect his things, and amongst the piles of papers and photos of his family were two phones. One was of Snoopy, the other was of Mickey Mouse. As a child, I loved them. They were quirky, they were cute, they were fun and today Snoopy was gifted to me by my mother. “To remember him by,” she said to me with a sad smile.

I couldn’t think of a better symbol to remember my grandad with. It reminds me of a nice memory that we share, it reminds me that he had a job he loved and how he always pushed me to aim high and think big. It’s a nostalgic, quirky piece and I couldn’t be happier to have it in my life. Snoopy I love you! 


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