Keyboard Warriors… put down your weapons!!

Technology is great, right? I can send a message to my uncle on the other side of the world. I can look back at photos and memories from years ago in an instant.  I can read about news stories and events seconds after they have happened.

And I can also read the comments that people take time out of their day to post.

There lies the problem. This is a screenshot of one article on a news website. It was about Beyonce’s performance at the Grammys. I chose this article because seriously, who has anything bad to say about BeyoncĂ©? 

Clearly from what I read, lots of people.  I didn’t read through and find ‘negative comments’ intentionally… I literally screenshot the first comments I saw.
These comments are wrong on so many levels:

1. This woman is pregnant 

2. This woman is someone’s friend, partner, mother.

3. These types of insulting, mocking, disgusting comments damage a woman’s self esteem, and not only her self esteem but that of those reading the comments. If Beyonce’s appearance is slated, what hope is there for the rest of us?!

The bit that saddens me the most is that these people have actually taken time out of their day to spread this negativity. They chose those words carefully, took the time to type them out and clicked send with purposeful malice.

And it is wrong.

Think before you type. Would you say it to someone’s face? Will it spread a smile? Is it worth sending that message? What does it say about the type of person you are if you send a message like that?

It takes two seconds to type a comment out. That’s two seconds to think ‘why post this?’

With all the negativity in the world these days, do we really need to spread anymore?


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